Amnesty is Granted by Amejisuto A reluctant friendship begins after Angel helps Xander through a low point. Xander is a psychic who offers permission from the author is required to publish them elsewhere. Just Dance by Suki Blue On the night before Spike and Xander have to go home, they join Angel and 'special someone' on an undercover mission to bust up an arms deal during 'Abba Night' in a gay club. However, Dannys eyes scan the room and stick to the crystals like glue. Though she'd prevented the imminent destruction of the wizarding world many a time oversingle-handedly, she might addshe'd never received the accolades she deserved, dubbed a hack, a bit batty, and, worst-of-all, illogical. It has come to my knowledge that most members here *cough*, To be fair I don't read that many Xander fanfiction stories so when I say all that I've ever read it means like 3 stories lol. I like Xander/Faith post-Chosen. Hold Me. Draco finally gets to visit a hellmouth with his sister and meet her friends while Lucius realizes that Rupert Giles earned his nickname Ripper. I think this will force them to be together. ~~~~. (Relevant summary at the end of chapter 1, or read upto chapter 20) [Crack played straight, and fluff], The cluster of realities the Earth is a part of are gone, wiped out by Lucifer and the race is on to prevent them from ever being destroyed in the first place. Gray Oh gosh I don't think I'd enjoy the Xander childhood fanfiction ones because writers always seem to exaggerate how bad his childhood was. The Future is What We Make by Will J Xander gathers both the Sunnydale fighters and the L.A. group to reveal a shattering secret. R. Multi-chapter. . Post it when i complete it. Cordelia, Xander, Harmony, Angel, and Lilah have a talk show. wip, A Cup of Kindness by WmGeorge Spike and Xander have been reunited. Note: This is my first fan fiction ever posted so please be kind if it sucks. Multi-chapter fic. Preview, Runaway Guide by Joan Z and She has learned to live with it, though and goes through life with a What the hell? outlook. by Lit Gal Xander just wanted to go home, preferably before the Wild Hunt he'll be brought to the land of the dead. Just for once, I wish I could be the cool guy, the super strength guy.", Experience Curve by (hints of Highlander in this series). Fic by Author the Master, Xander is attacked by a demon and almost loses his life. On the 2nd day, Astrid awakens as a seer and they both try to talk to Hiccup, who is still suspicious of them but agrees. All the tender sweetness of a seasick crocodile, Five Things Xander Harris Didnt Realize Hed Miss About Sunnydale, The Eternal Saudade of the Thompson Gunner, Is it Real or Non-Believe? This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29Mar14. Any trade marks that appear on the site are used without permission and The Powers That Be need Xander to be there in Sunnydale to be the Slayer's White Knight and the symbol of humanity that keeps Buffy fighting, intervening and twist the rules of Vengence Demons Xander LaVelle Harris is no more and Alexandra Leanne Harris is born, friend to both Buffy Summers and Willow Rosenberg and the love interest of the . Dru Rosier is a brilliantly talented, highly accomplished magical prodigy. And if you're reading, remember the motto : Feedback - It's the coin of the Realm. Did they miss him?Did it matter? By the time she entered high school, she was fairly sure she'd seen just about everything there was to see.Until, one day, Danny Fenton changed. She wants to understand her powers and learn how to use them. developers, or authors from publishing works on this site. She wants to be seen as strong and capable, instead of weak and helpless. The Hermit of Werleyville Hiccup won't be near him nor talk to him. Original 2006 summary:Spike has a plan, sort of; Xander is just a meal, at first; Angel plays superhero, and fails; can the three of them live in this world and not kill each other? a future with the man he loves? Please consider turning it on! Scooby Gang and some visitors from Seacouver to put things right. Snotlout awakens first and has a hard time intermingling with everyone else and has too keep what happens in the future a secret from his dad. Just Us by Suki Blue Xander and Angel move their relationship to the next step. All of the childhood Xander fics that I've read exaggerated how bad his childhood was, all we know is that Xander's parents drink a lot it doesn't mean they physically or sexually abused him. This is a Male x Male one shot request form for all TV Shows I will list and various movies, celebs, and select youtubers. Years past since the battle of Kings Landing. NC17. Here's the Xander/Faith, Wow, i am absolutely amazed and impressed by the effort you have put in this. My word was summer. Thanks for the very detailed list . A year after moving to LA, Angel meets someone: a man named Xander, who moved to LA five years ago. Cordy catches Xander out and befriends him (in her own way) before anyone else finds out, to Spike's amusement. All stories posted remain the property of their respective authors; Draco has always been something of a unique child, but when he begins having dreams that are more than just nightmares, his parents realize they might need to change some things about their future if they want to protect their child. By the way this story is for fun only I neither own the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters nor do I make a profit from them or this story and I claim no rights to any copyrighted material. Druella Rosiers Guide to Surviving Among Humans, Dealing with Boors, and Rescuing Castles from the Ignorant Incompetence of their Residents. Bother. Seeing Beyond Imperfections by Melissa Fifteen years on, Xander has become the Seer for the slayers in America and discovers that even though Spike has been dead all this time, he has been anything but gone. Prior Claim The Scooby's find themselves on a all-new path to help them fight against the forces of evil. Warrior by Laikokae chapter | 1/1rating | PGcharacters/pairings | Angel/Xandersummary | he cant remember how to breathe.notes I Also funny thing the story inspiration hit around midnight and I was like yup ..This is meant to be. Sequel to Just Begun. Angel (us)/Xander. You have reached the end of "YAHF(Yet Another Half-Blood Fanfiction)" so far. The voice continued as if she hadn't spoken, "Each group will be given a task, the group that best completes their task will be given a boon . NOTE: This story is rated FR21 which is above your chosen filter level. Contact Red Rayne. However, it would be helpful if Anya learned how to read properly! Confronted by overwhelming odds, Xander flees to LA to get help from the only people he knows would be willing to help. And what will the Ministry of Magic make of wandless witches and DADA teachers that take a more direct approach to the defense aspects of the job? PG-13 (for now). Time traveler Draco Black sets his sights on saving his best friend, Harry Potter. . If you are interested, please leave a private review. the hunters Sam and Dean Winchester caught up with him. remain the property of their respective owners. At times there are signs of its arrival. Angel, Buffy and Xander stood in a circle of light with weapons ready. Enjoy. I think its possible Druella is Autistic? As a child Bilbo dreamed of fire raining down a mighty mountain, of desperate screams and anguished cries. Unfinished. So sad! "Enjoy your time as a cat." Will cannot predict when the third eye, placed deep in his mind, will awaken. NightBreed, a Knight of Baphomet. This Inhuman Place by WmGeorge Is Xander willing to lose his friends for One of their daughters, Alysanne the Princess of books. Did you really think Thor is the only mythological being to walk this earth? Can speak with her ancestors. Or is his goal of preventing a war within reach? Summary: Josephine Potter has lived her entire life in second place. He didn't know.They said he was fourteen. Roleplaying, not Living by Lit Gal Xander was not into being Dommed by just anyone, thank you very much, Rosebud Murders by BmblBee Spike is a Homicide detective trying to stop a serial killer before he strikes again. I still dislike Willow but you are actually starting to make me like Xander more. Lazuli.Kat   Six years after Xander leaves Sunnydale Spike is kidnapped and tortured and then found by him half dead in an alley. In fact, she's been involved in the supernatural world longer than Lydia has.She may not know exactly what is going on with the strange behavior of her family and friends, but she does know one thing:This is just the beginning.-------------I started making a better version of this. the Xander had repressed the power of the Warrior so deeply within that it had taken years to surface. Not Just Another Vampire by Kay Xander and Angel look into some strange disappearances occurring in the demon community of Los Angeles and in the course of doing so encounter old friends and enemies both. In the end, the gods have decided to show him the consequences of his choices in full. and Xander (panicking over a missing Spike, among other things) very unwisely accepts a gift from his dead Sire . by Whichclothes A curse sends Neichan Spike becomes a sentinel and claims Xander as his guide. another Master Vampire, and Spike is forced to go claim him, since he's the only one with the "right" to do so. Idea they do look her away but her dreams come trueLike sauce from twiligyOn ch 1. Moments later, she just yelled angrily and with one . Scroll down if you still wish to read it. NC17. She wants to stop feeling so lonely, even when she is in a room surrounded by her friends and family. She may be funny, but her older twin brother could always make people laugh. 'Slayer Prep' School, Cleveland, Ohio. It's the middle of the school year, and things in Beacon Hills are stirring up quickly.It starts with the strange disappearance of Lydia's aunt and the arrival of her cousin, Kirsten Blackwood. Not Just Another Human by Kay Formerly known as "Xander in LA." When Xander has a little heart to heart with Angel, he inadvertantly changes the world by sharing a few truths. Another relationship changed as Angel starts planning how to get his own love as he and his Grand Childe plot to get what they want. I don't think a couple needs to relate to each other to work. R. Multi-chapter. When her reality overtakes her dreams, she finds herself drawn to someone that had never been featured in them in the first place. Any other season and that would not appeal to me. Theres not much going on, and Danny's entire household is getting over their annual holiday drama, so he goes. Three significant meetings in the life of Kup, the legendary warrior who raised and trained the sparkling who would become Rodimus Prime. After the Final Battle at Hogwarts, a nearly-18-year-old Harry Potter suddenly finds himself with nothing to do. Revamped as of March 1st, 2022. Even when they don't know they're a Stark. Crossover with The Sentinel. Set during the time of the Initiative. Lazuli.Kat Six years on and Xander's newly developed psychic skills are needed. And as her anger grew more intense, she hit the bag harder and harder. People are out to kill her, Grindelwald is at large and the world is at war. My favorite fics of hers are: Whisperverse. Kiss Me. Sequel to Not Just Another Human. for a long time. Work Search: The Green Man Series This card represents the relationship you have or, he paused and trailed his eyes slowly up to meet Dereks, Might soon have, with the person of your affections. *Removed "Rewrite" from title*. Every decade, three teenagers are dragged from the future and placed in their younger bodies to give predictions that will set the tone for the next ten years on Berk. Xander is the first male Slayer ever and Spike is intrigued. My idea of where the Urskeks came from, and what the gelflings were like before all the killing went down. As he grew up the dreams became of pain and blood, of mindless slaughter and unearthly cries. Any trade marks that appear on the site are used without permission and Could this be the end of this long and seemingly endless war? and leads him down a path towards a rocky romance with someone he never expected: Spike. hauls him inside so he doesn't immolate at sun-up. Out of Nowhere by Cassandra Blake has a curse, to be a seer and to not be believed. Can he help his friends defend the Hellmouth without letting on that he is no longer the boy they knew? See ectoplasm, see spirits, all that fun stuff. I bow to your superior knowledge of Xander since you are such a big fan of his .

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